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Anandamaya Kosha

Anandamaya kosha is the fifth kosha and means “bliss.” Bliss is a state of our being that is not determined by our circumstance. We live with what is, unaffected by situations. Ananda is when the mind becomes steady and does not fluctuate. It is said to be the most spiritual of the five layers of the body as it is the deepest inner sheath.

Anandamaya kosha is thought to be responsible for unconditional love and unity with all and to encompass peace, love and joy.. Also responsible for peace, love and joy on the deepest level. Anandamaya kosha, like all the koshas, is dependent upon the other layers of the body. It is in Anandamaya kosha that the sense of oneness comes full circle as we realize our oneness as opposed to separation from others.

When we are in touch with your bliss body, we are experiencing our true nature. One of yoga’s greatest gifts is to help us get in touch with the bliss body.. We can help this development through the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. Through practice we learn to quiet the mind and let go of distractions that hide the Anandamaya Kosha.

I think if we are conscious of it, we all have moments that feel blissful, liberating and freeing. It takes awareness as so often we think these feelings need to be big, majestic moments but often they are subtle. Being fully immersed in a moment, not thinking, just being. The koshas build upon each other, each one teaching us more and more about the self.

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