Hi everyone!


We are opening our studio on Monday, May 13. We thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we dealt with water damage from our landlords office next door.


We have finished our remediation with ServPro and have been told we can safely reopen for classes. As we still have renovation work ongoing, please be advised that we are still awaiting the installation of our new flooring. This means we will be practicing on concrete floors. The floors have been cleaned and vacuumed. We have several old studio mats that you can use under your mat. If you have any old mats of your own we would welcome you to bring them too!


When the new flooring arrives we will be expediting installation and close again for another day or two, moving classes or zoom so that the flooring can be installed as quickly as possible. 


Please reach out to Gillian with any questions or concerns.

6.10.22 We are planning to resume in-studio classes beginning Monday.

On Monday morning I received the call to come to the studio asap.  When we arrived, it was apparent that water from a leak in our our neighbors unit had come into the small studio and was starting to migrate to the big studio.
We immediately took the necessary steps to try and deal with the situation at hand.  Several of our amazing instructors came to lend helping hands,  and we hired a remediation company to come and dry the studio out, and to run the necessary tests for mold.  This is why we closed and will remain closed for the next day or two.  It seems that our proactive measures will help us in the long term get our studio habitable and safe again for yoga.  However, we will need to replace the flooring in both studios.  What this means is this:

* We are hoping to be in the studio later this week once we are dry and confirmed mold free!

* It won’t be pretty initially!  Whilst we wait for our new flooring to arrive (w have ready ordered some!) we will have to practice on the concrete. I do have some additional zebra mats that I can put down for those with joint issues.  

* This decision will enable to keep us practicing rather than having to close for a few weeks.  Classes will be on Zoom too as always!

* Over the next day or two we are offering a couple of free classes on Zoom until we open again later this week!

In the meantime, please keep an eye on our schedule on MINDBODY and the website as we will be updating everything on a daily basis.  

I thank you all so much for your support and the kind messages you have been sending our way.  It really means so much to us at this stressful time.  In true One Love fashion though, we are moving full steam ahead and getting things taken care of as quickly and safely as possible.

With all our love and gratitude,

Gillian, Jimmy and the entire One Love Yoga team!



One Love Yoga Studio is a yoga studio serving the Palm Coast, Bunnell and Flagler Beach community.  We are a loving and welcoming community, founded on love and acceptance.  Our quiet location in Palm Coast has been thoughtfully designed to a high standard to enhance your experience.  Our team of instructors offer the best in yoga instruction and look forward to serving the Palm Coast yoga community!  We offer a variety of yoga classes including classes from beginner to advanced, prenatal yoga and Y12SR recovery programs.  We look forward to welcoming you to our yoga studio!

We offer infrared heated and non-heated classes. The infrared heat used is purposefully designed to be therapeutic and comfortable. It is like getting slowly warmed up by the sun, whilst the heat penetrates tissues, muscles and joints, allowing them to heal and regenerate, reducing pain and inflammation. Heated classes are carefully regulated and our maximum temperature is a safe and therapeutic 90-93 degrees.


Gillian Taylor, Founder, Instructor


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Jeff McNaughton

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