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  1. If you are unwell AT ALL, please do not come to the studio. Our staff members each reserve the right to ask anyone who appears unwell to leave the premises.

  2. In-person classes have limited availability and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you sign up via the Mindbody app to secure your spot. If you show up without a reservation you may not be able to take class.

  3. ALL students will be required to re-sign a NEW liability waiver before taking class. You will be prompted to do this when you pre-register after the system updates on Mindbody or in the studio.

  4. Classes can be booked up to 7 days in advance. If you sign in for a class and cannot make it, please remove yourself from the class. Classes cancelled within the two hour booking window before class starts will be subject to a $15 late cancellation fee. No exceptions.

  5. All classes on our schedule will be available in real time virtually through the Mindbody virtual platform. You can log in to take a class virtually and Mindbody will directly send you a log in for the class 30 minutes before class starts.

  6. Our studio doors will open 15 minutes before class start. We ask that you wait in your car until any previous class has exited the studio and you are prompted by the instructor to enter. If you are waiting outside, please be respectful of others space. Upon entering the studio you can place you mat in the designated, marked areas we have laid out to maintain social distance. Please follow the instructors lead on mat placement.

  7. Please do not bring large bags and unnecessary clothing items into the studio. Only bring in your mat and props that you will need for your class and any other ESSENTIAL items.

  8. At this time we will not be renting out any mats or props so please bring your own mat, and block and strap if you have them.

  9. We will have hand sanitizer available to use prior to class and ask that you use it.

  10. Our teachers will not be walking the room and offering adjustments. They will be on their designated mat space instructing the class and offering support.

  11. Please show respect to those who have differing comfort levels to you. This means that some students and teachers may choose to wear a mask and others may not. 

  12. We have adjusted some evening class times to allow for extra cleaning time in between classes. Please note the time of the class you are booking.

  13. Doors will be locked at the class starting time. Latecomers will no longer be able to attend due to the additional measures we are implementing for everyone's comfort and safety.

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