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The Koshas Pt.2 – Pranamaya Kosha

This week we look at Pranamaya Kosha. If you are unsure what the Koshas are, please see last weeks blog post.

Pranamaya Kosha is our energy body. Blocks within our energetic body affect our physical body. Prana is our life force – a vital energy of the body. We cultivate Prana through correct breathing. This is why we put such an emphasis on breathing in yoga practice and it starts not only the minute you step onto your mat, but it is a practice you can take into the rest of your life as well. Notice how you feel taking deep, full breaths affects your practice as opposed to shallow, unsteady breaths. Notice your shoulders relax with the breath, your jaw soften and perhaps your spine a little longer. Notice too how circumstances, stressful or upsetting events can cause a change in the quality of your breath. It’s hard to breathe fully when we hunch our shoulder and the spine with the weight of the world on our shoulders. Awareness is always the first step in advancing towards change.

Yogic texts also tell us that Prana moves through the nadis (energetic pathways) to the chakras which are energy centers within the subtle body. It can be hard for many of us to grasp and understand things we cannot physically see such as the subtle body, but we can experience the power of correct breathing which is our link to body, mind and spirit. The subtle changes we experience by being aware.

The breath is our most powerful, God given tool in leading us towards a state of peace and helping us develop Pranamaya Kosha.

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