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A year ago I was diagnosed with degenerative discs and spinal stenosis and on the verge of an operation and increasing medication. Thanks to Gillian and her knowledgeable staff I’m stabilized. No operations or medicine. Simply the kindness and persistent encouragement of One Love Yoga!

Judy Barry

Wonderful caring and accepting atmosphere. Great for new yogis and people who've been practicing for years. Wide variety of classes every day of the week. Couldn't be happier!

Corie L

We are lucky to have this place in neighborhood! :D

Oleg V

Gillian is one of the best yoga teachers in Palm Coast! I took her classes when she was teaching at another studio and I loved her! She has a soothing angelic voice which makes her session all the more relaxing! I have since moved to Arizona but always try to send folks her way. She also offers private lessons. You can't go wrong with Gillian! ***UPDATE!*** Thank you for the awesome class! Since I left a review recently it looks like I can't leave another one so I'll just add on to this one. I LOVED your 9:15am Compassionate Flow class! Definitely helped ease some of the tightness and pain from my everyday hamstring soreness and more recently sciatic and lower back from running and cycling. I will definitely come back to visit the next time I'm in Palm Coast.

Maria P

Great yoga studio! A great variety of classes. There is definitely something for everyone, from stretching/relaxing to more active yoga. Love the Yin & Myofascial release class the best! Gillian does a great job correcting our posture and pushing us to the next level. Couldn’t be happier.

Sely H

I have taken a few classes here and I am so impressed with this studio. I’ve learned so much in one week about yoga that I never knew before. The owner Gillian, is extremely good at what she does. Highly recommend this place!!

Ann D

I have tried yoga classes at every gym in every town I have ever lived in (and there have been a lot). Gillian is the first yoga instructor I have ever had that actually makes sure I am doing every position correctly, down to every single body part in each position - which is very different from thinking you are in correct position as you try to imitate the instructor at the front of a gym. She also helps me with assisted stretches as I am pretty inflexible (but getting better with her help)! I highly recommend anyone who is interested in yoga go to One Love Yoga.

Pam K

One Love Yoga Studio is such a gem. The space is cozy and the atmosphere is so welcoming and comfortable. Gillian is an amazing and attentive instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed her class, sequencing and especially her music. It was exactly what my body needed and I appreciated her extra attention to my recent injury that’s healing. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned yogi, you will absolutely love this warm and friendly studio.... the best around!

Greta Z

I tried out this studio in January, and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, all of the yoga instructors and fellow yogis. A place to be inspired and yet to find peace. This place is a hidden treasure. Thank you to all of One Love Yoga staff for making me feel so at home!

MaryAnn K

All the teachers have amazing hearts and passion for bringing great Yoga to the community. Each woman is strong, playful, graceful, beautiful, kind, generous and on a spiritual path. These qualities are expressed in their teaching and students who receive this care are blessed!

Teresa H

First adventure into the world of yoga. Restorative yoga with Patti on Sunday was a great experience. She was attentive to each person and maintained a most relaxing environment. Mellow yoga with Gillian was a step up for this beginner but again she was there guiding each person as needed. A calm and relaxing environment maintained. Looking forward to continuing with these wonderful instructors.

Edward A

What a fantastic place! Heat wasn’t too hot, poses were graded to different levels - a cozy warm welcome feel! Chelsea B

This studio is truly a blessing from the heavens. The tranquil peaceful atmosphere is a reflection of the owner who is the most amazing instructor but more importantly the most amazing person. Gillian’s staff is handpicked & a reflection of her as well. There is no judgment at 1❤️-there are practicing professional yogis as well as beginners. I am a beginner. I am very non-flexible as I have had many sports related injuries that span my entire body. The positive mindset & lifestyle taught here allow one to experience the healing power of yoga; for me it has taken the phrase “life changing” to a new level-the mind & body harmony taught & practiced here cannot be described in words, only experienced. The stretching & mindful movement & breath benefits are amazing with pain control. Simply put, I have found yoga at 1❤️ to be the best medicine for your body & mind. The reduction in stress level & the peace of mind gained from one class is like drinking from the fountain of youth. The positive energy given by each & every person practicing at 1❤️ is deeply felt & that feeling continues till your next class. There are a variety of classes at all times every day. This is a truly special studio that cannot be described in words, only to be experienced for the life changing of body & mind. By practicing in this space, I am finding balance & strength to enjoy not only my day, but my life. 1❤️ is a must for anyone recovering from injury; my life is truly enhanced by practicing here.

Charley M

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