Gillian Taylor is the owner of One Love Yoga.  She created this space with the hopes of creating a loving and accepting yoga community and can’t wait to welcome YOU!

As the visionary and founder of One Love Yoga, Gillian has created a space where students feel safe, loved and welcomed whoever they are and wherever they are at in their yoga practice. Gillian is a teacher who teaches with grace, sensitivity and creativity, with an ability to connect to the energy of those in attendance and teach accordingly.  She has a gentle spirit and encourages her students to practice Ahimsa - compassion - towards themselves in all her classes.  She has been teaching yoga since 2012 and has devoted herself to extensive study and personal development. 

Gillian is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP and Pilates Instructor.  She has studied under some of the best teachers around including Bryan Kest, Joe Barnett, David Regelin and others.  Her training includes vinyasa, yin yoga, prenatal yoga and she received her RYT 500 in alignment yoga under the guidance of MyLinda Morales.  Within her classes she hopes to create a safe space for her students to deeply connect to their experience of the yoga practice, encouraging everyone to look within to heal their relationship with themselves through the practice.  Always a student, Gillian is currently continuing her education to include certifying in holistic aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies and color therapy which she looks forward to sharing.   She is grateful to her teachers who continue to illuminate her path.

Erin grew up with a background in ballet, and has always been fascinated by the language of the body.  After retiring from dance, gaining a career, and having children she realized that she had somehow lost her normal workout routine. Erin was searching for some sort of physical regime and her first introduction to yoga came as a need for fitness and stress relief. Shortly after her first class, she was hooked. It wasn't until she completed a 21 day challenge that I started to realize the impact yoga would have on her life. From that day on, she knew she had to make it a daily practice.

Yoga has proven to be an integral part of finding balance in life for Erin - more or less a sanctuary for not only her body, but her mind as well.  She became very mindful of the deeper connection she was beginning to have with herself.  As Erin’s practice deepened, her perception also began to change, not only of herself and yoga but of the world around her. The changes she was making were in all ways positive, and she knew that she wanted to share this gift she had found by helping guide others through their own path. Through yoga, Erin realized "You must live in the present, launch yourself onto every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their islands of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this." ~Henry David Thoreau

With her growing thirst for knowledge and experience, she is continually a student. Erin has received her RYT-500 hour certification through Renew Yoga in Daytona, my RPYT certification through Katie Wise and Kirsten Warner’s Yo Mama’s Program (Registered prenatal yoga teacher), and is a professional doula. She always looks forward to learning, growing, sharing, and receiving alongside her fellow students on this journey we call yoga. Her hopes in being your teacher is to establish a warm and open environment where students feel safe, connected, and present throughout their practice. Aside from her love of yoga, Erin is passionate about snowboarding, all forms of dance, practicing kindness, pregnancy and birth, traveling the world, and being a mother.

Patti is originally from upstate New York and has called Palm Coast home since 2010. She discovered yoga, out of a dare, venturing into 90minute hot vinyasa class. After the initial thoughts of "I can't do this" and "I’m not meant to bend this way" dissipated, Patti realized she was actually enjoying her practice. As time passed, she noticed that the aches and pains she had been suffering from were decreasing and her severe asthma was dramatically improved. Her completive nature softened and today she lives by the words of Amrit Ray" if you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath."


Patti's love of yoga leads her to teacher training in 2013 and she has been teaching ever since. Patti’s non-judgmental classes bring humor, a down to earth approach and her deeply caring nature to her classes. Students feel comfortable and at ease in her classes. Whether new to the practice or a seasoned "Yogi", Patti will help you better understand the tradition of yoga so you can be confident in your practice of yoga. She has specialized training in yoga adjustments and can help you find depth and integrity in a pose.


Patti is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200, RYT 500, and has furthered her education in the fields of Restorative Yoga, Accessible Yoga, Yin Yoga Foundations, Anatomy and Physiology, Chair Yoga and The Christina Phipps Foundation and she is just as passionate about being a student as she is a teacher. She can also be found teaching a wide variety of fitness classes in the community as she is also trained to teach just about every fitness class out there!

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Kristin Harris is an RYT200 hr teacher. Originally from Long Island, New York she now lives in Palm Coast, Florida where her yoga practice started. In the midst of the chaos of trying to adjust to a new home and new life, she found Yogastudio8, a local studio that quickly became her second home and where she completed her 200hour teacher training program in 2017 under the guidance of Christy LeCuyer. Since then Kristin has been teaching regularly and in October of 2018, she received her Buti Yoga certification under master trainer Talen Lane and Kristin is passionate about this practice and educating others about the benefits of Buti. Kristin is about to embark on further education to become a 500hr RYT.

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Shawna Miller is a firm believer in making health and fitness a priority.  She grew up being active in many sports and developed a love for strength training in her early 20s.  This passion led her to become a Certified Fitness Trainer and her career quickly took off as she began helping others work towards their goals.


She has added many certifications over the past 10 years including Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and enjoys helping others learn how to optimize their health and performance from the inside out.  She knows what we put into our bodies we get back out.  This includes our thoughts and as she embarked on her Yoga Teacher Training journey in 2020 with Gillian Taylor, after practicing yoga for five years, she quickly found the spiritual connection that she had always heard about.  The mind/body/breath connection has become so powerful and life-changing that her whole perspective on her personal practice has shifted.  She strives to always deliver a challenging, creative, and unique flow to her students and encourages them to not take it all too seriously, to just have fun, be present and enjoy each moment. 

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Melissa Henderson-Byram

Heather stepped into her first yoga class in 2009, as an avid runner and tri-athlete yoga was the perfect fit in her fitness routine.  While the physical practice is what first drew her to yoga, it was the life lessons she learned on the mat that kept drawing her back.  Not knowing what life had in store for her she can look back now with such appreciation for all that yoga has given her, in 2013 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, even though she would take some pretty long breaks in those first couple of years after diagnosis, yoga was always there for her, in the pages she followed on Instagram, in the books she read and the magazines she subscribed to. She was always called back to her mat and her home practice continued to grow. Through treatment and recovery it was the breath, the mindfulness and the contentment of just being in the moment on her mat that made the heavy days lighter.  In 2018, Heather found the courage to step into studio space once again at One Love Yoga, “It was very much like coming home after being away for a long time, I instantly felt like I belonged.”  Heather became the 1st teacher trainee under the masterful guidance of the owner of One Love Yoga Studio, Gillian Taylor in May of 2019 and completed her Yoga Alliance RYT200 in November 2019.  Heather comes to her mat every day with an open heart and lots of excitement for what she will learn and how she can grow.  She holds a certificate in Accessible Yoga and believes that yoga is for EVERY BODY.  She loves to help her students remember that they are perfect exactly where they are and that they are capable of whatever they desire. A student always, she is looking forward to adding additional certifications and specialties to her teaching and looks forward to adding her RYT300 in 2021.

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