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Infrared Heated Hot Yoga in Palm Coast.

When we decided to heat our yoga studio there was no question that infrared heat was the way to go. Currently we are the only hot yoga studio in the Palm Coast, Flagler Beach and Bunnell area offering infrared heated yoga classes. Students often have questions on the heat we use and why it is different than other heating systems so hopefully a few of those questions can be answered here.

The benefits of infrared heat in your yoga practice are numerous and include:

· INCREASED FLEXIBILITY – infrared heat directly warms up the muscles to improve their range of motion. Because infrared heat warms your body up slowly and not immediately (it is similar to the sun in many ways) you are able to progress in your flexibility as your body warms up.

· INCREASED CIRCULATION – infrared heat stimulates blood flow and oxygenates the body

· DETOXIFICATION – the sweat produced by the heat in this type of hot yoga flushes toxins and detoxifies the body of impurities on a cellular level

· PAIN RELIEF – infrared heat directly penetrates the tissues, muscles and joints allowing them to heal and regenerate.

· SKIN HEALTH – infrared heat stimulates collagen production, reducing wrinkles and improving overall skin tone and health.

Infrared heat works in a similar way to the sun – in fact it is the type of heat most like natural sunlight. Did you know that 80% of the light that makes i

t to Earth is infrared? This means that the heat we use is easily processes by the human body.

As you walk into One Love you will feel a gentle heat. You will continue warming as you move through your yoga practice. The heaters are also completely silent when they are on. Infrared heat is gentle, soothing and therapeutic. Our hot yoga classes are designed to improve your health and enhance your yoga practice. Our students love the benefits so come and try a class today if you are in the Palm Coast, Flagler Beach and surrounding area!

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