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-Love story-

Tumultuous, chaotic, a high-speed rapid river  systematically flowing Into awareness,beauty, abundance, and a shift in perception to blessings...The love story of my life....The love story with self.. mind..body..spirit. Brush strokes on a canvas painting a not so pretty picture, disloyalty to the spirit, disloyalty to the body, and an excess amount of loyalty to the incessant illusions of the mind. Living from a ravenous urge to fulfill the desire to escape. Attachment, pain, and suffering seemed to be my fated destiny… No, but wait this is not what my fate is to be. Twisting and turning and swirling And burning letting the fire of transformation take a hold of me. I have squeezed myself through the cocoon.. I’m in the process of emerging… Let my wings fill with the fluid of life… Let my body flow with the divine current. Allowing... Learning how to make love to myself… Today I stand in integrity and grace… I caress my own skin and Dive deep into my ocean of awareness... it is here where I rendezvous with the divine creator. In this space I am silent and still learning how to live in infinite patience... i am Draped in a cloak of support...I dance on the warm breeze of fervent love and tap into the frequency of inspiration that vibrates just beneath the surface. In this love story there is a choice… Every encounter can be filled with love… Every situation can be filled with transformative opportunity. At times the opposite of this beauty still beckons to me, but I have the choice to not answer. This wave of life that I’ve been on and continue to surf has been quite a ride... quite a story… quite a love story.

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