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The Koshas Pt 4 – Vijnanamaya Kosha by Gillian Taylor

Vijnanamaya Kosha is our wisdom body. This refers to our inner wisdom, our intuition. Taking time in life, both on and off our mats, to be still, quiet and to reflect will develop this body and our perspective. Awareness is perhaps a simple way to describe this Kosha.

As you progress in your practice you will begin to develop Vijnanamaya Kosha. As we become less distracted by random thoughts in our mind, less concerned about what we are looking like, and actually beginning to notice the subtle feelings, sensations and become more mindful we are developing Vijnanamaya Kosha. We are growing, developing and evolving into a deeper practice. We can develop our wisdom body by slowing down, connecting with our hearts, reflecting and getting to know our True Self. Take just a few minutes a day. Meditation, journaling, reflecting – these are all wonderful ways to connect with ourselves.

As we progress through the Koshas, each one becomes more subtle than the previous one. The Koshas progress in a way that each one helps develop and prepare us for the next. As we develop Vijnanamaya Kosha we are not entangled by our minds but rather we are aware of how our minds are working and how we are thinking. When we are able to view our lives from this place of awareness we gain more clarity and insight and our perspective is clearer. It is this particular Kosha that encompasses a sense of one-ness and this awareness shows us on a deep level that you and I are one. I am you and you are me and we are not really separated. It is this sense of oneness that guides us deeper into love and compassion for all finding harmony and peace. We learn that love is all.

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