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The Magic of the Moment by Gillian Taylor

I wonder if we can remember what it was like when we were children and nothing existed but the present moment. Our minds could not comprehend much more than the current experience we found ourselves in.

As we grow older, we start to overthink, worry, plan, and somehow we lose touch of what “now” is. What is it like just to “be” as opposed to “do?” I don’t think the doing is necessarily an activity - if we are overthinking, worrying etc. we are doing in the sense that we are not present in the moment and the current experience we are having.

Our minds and our ability to think, reason and comprehend is a very powerful gift. As with anything good, there is also a side that is perhaps not so good. If we cannot control our mind, it can be used for harm as well as healing.

Our breath is one of the greatest gifts we have to help control the fluctuations of the mind. The idea is to curb the distractions in our mind to help us find a sense of clarity and peace. I learnt a very simple beginning practice which I believe originates from Bernie Clark called the ALL meditation which is helpful to start with prior to focusing on the breath:

A – allow thoughts to enter the mind

L – label the thought whether it be a chore, concern, errand etc.

L – let go of the thought

The letting go stage enables us to focus more deeply on the breath, becoming aware of the inhales and the exhales and allowing the breath to anchor us in the present moment. There is a natural rhythm and cadence to the breath which slows down the mind and helps us live moment to moment. This powerful gift is ours and it’s free to be used at anytime. Breathe in, breathe out, be here.

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