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Yoga beyond our mat

I was having a discussion today about addiction and loneliness.  It seems that at the heart of many peoples struggles with addiction lies the issue of being lonely (amongst other things). Whether addiction shows up as alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, etc. loneliness is often mentioned.  This has been true for me, as I battled anorexia and bulimia throughout my teens and twenties.  What lies at the heart of loneliness? Are you afraid of opening your heart and soul?  Afraid of judgement?  

Remember, we are all here on this journey called life together.  Let's support each other.  Try to talk to someone if you see they are struggling and try to reach out if you are struggling. 

I read the most inspirational story recently about an Australian gentleman who lives across the street from the most famous suicide point in Australia, right by a cliff.  Over the years he has saved almost 150 people from committing suicide.  He watches the cliff and if he sees someone who looks like they may be considering jumping, he goes and talks to the, inviting them into his home.  How powerful is that and how many of those life’s were saved and changed?  

Watching out for other people, being a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on - now that is Yoga and taking your practice beyond the confines of your mat.  

I’m so thankful to all the students who practice at One Love - you always notice when someone hasn’t been around in a bit, you check in on one another and form close friendships with each other.  This is a true representation of our practice.  If our practice does not help us to better ourselves and each other then it is no practice at all.  

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